Crete: Mononaftis – August 2011

For those who don’t read French…they made a mistake translating “fresh”. Instead of using “fruits frais” they used the word “fraise” which means strawberries…unless it was an intended pun… 🙂

Sunrise after a night at a beach party…

Mr Piggy chilling out (told you he travelled a bit)…

Getting a tan…

The pool at the Blue Bay hotel…it was a really nice resort but a bit too many French and Russians around for my liking.

View from our room’s balcony

Mononaftis beach…

I didn’t take that many pictures on that holiday… mostly because it was a beach bum experience. We just spent a whole week between lounging by the pool and lezarding on the beach, with a bit snorkling.

I like Mononaftis a lot as it was small (one bar, 2 restaurants and a couple of tourist shops) and we just got ourselves into a neat routine and relaxed….

Although I will admit, I am not a huge fan of all inclusive holidays as you end up being very limited on what you can do…especially when it comes to food (it gets boring after a while) and Mononaftis is fairly remote so you can’t go wandering around exploring much, unless you fork out extra cash for day excursions (which aren’t that cheap)…

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