USA Tour: Day 2 – San Diego (21/06/12)

Despite our short night, we were all up bright and early. Breakfast at the hostel was quite awesome. The place has of course its own kitchen, so those who want to have their own food can but it provides the basics for a nice start of the day: toast, fruits, coffee, muffins…and for those who fancied a little cooking, they had pancake batter at the ready, all you had to do was cook it yourself….I chickened out and went for toast and fruits. I did regret not making a couple pancakes but I made up for it later on during the trip…

Breakfast done, we had a little time to get ready and during that time we arranged for our tickets for Alcatraz in San Fran – now here is a little parenthesis for those who plan to go to the Rock whilst in Frisco….BOOK EARLY! We were a week away from the day we had a free day there and yet, there were no more availability going straight to Alcatraz, we had to book it via a cruise company (which, by the way, charges you twice the price as you have to go to Angel Island too). We managed to snatch a few tickets but some of the guys were left wanting… – parenthesis closed.

Day 2 in SD was a semi free day…what it means is we had the choice of activities…going to the zoo or going to the beach with Melissa…I opted for the beach! I mean, I know SD Zoo is quite popular and famous but a zoo is a zoo and I didn’t come all the way to Cali to miss out on beach time!

We dropped the guys to the zoo and the rest of us sun bums went to Mission Beach…Nice place, a bit windy and so darn hot…I made the mistake of not reapplying sunscreen often enough and by the end of the day, I was thoroughly and painfully sunburnt!

Mission Beach, San Diego

Mission Beach, San Diego

A little Baywatch…

After beach relaxation…Rooftop terrace at LoungeSix (J St)

That beer I had on that lovely roof top was well needed after the heat of the beach. However, we were on a stroll through town so we only stayed for one and moved on…We ended up walking back to Westfield Shopping Centre which was surprisingly picturesque.

Westfield Rooftop

Ever fancied being in a hurricane? Well wonder no more, try the Hurricane Simulator!!


Apparently aussie G’Day is the same as saying welcome…didn’t know that, I thought it meant hello! 🙂


And that is the healthy dinner I had that night at a Mediterranean restaurant…it was absolutely delicious! (@Bandar Restaurant, 4th St). The decor of the place was also quite cool, modern.


After dinner we moved to the famous Tipsy Crow bar (next door), by then my sunburns were killing me. I felt I was cooking from the inside out…or the outside in! Couldn’t find a comfortable position. We played some pool in the upstairs bar for a while then went back downstairs…when some of the guys started to play some board games (well Connect 4 and Jenga) I gave up and went to bed. Turns out that everyone carried on for a while and they even went dancing. Boo! Saying that, I was in so much pain that I didn’t really sleep much and woke up still glowing a sickly shade of pink! I definitely wasn’t looking forward to the long drive to Lake Havasu (which, by the way is in Arizona and one of the hottest place I have ever been!!)…

Next Chapter: Lake Havasu, AZ


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