USA Tour: Day 7 – Las Vegas (26/06/12)

We gave ourselves a lie in…I went for a morning swim and then the plan was to go to NY NY where there is a rollercoaster. I am personally not keen on rollercoaster and Steph and Melissa kept trying to convince me to go…I chickened out.

I wanted to go to a pool party and according to Mel’s list of things to do in Vegas, Wet Republic @ MGM was the best one, but unfortunately as we discovered speaking to ticket scouts on the Strip a) you have to book your ticket a little in advance (another one of those things you are not really told) and Wet Republic was closed that day….so no Pool party for us…saying that it was probably better as it probably would have packed with half naked people drinking and well I am not that comfortable hanging around in a bikini…

We had a quick breakfast there (I am ashamed to say that I followed the crowds and got a Starbuck’s breakfast instead of the NY Deli style one I wanted – the queue was too long there…)

I have to admit that they know how to amaze people in Vegas, the reproduction of Little Italy in NY NY or Venice in the Venetian (see later on) was incredible…well at least I imagine it was as I haven’t actually seen either in real life…but it looked the part…

We spent the day walking up and down The Strip, in the heat of the day…dipping in and out of the famous casinos to cool down…it was really baking!

Inside the Belagio…


Why lie indeed…I don’t know if it worked for him but it made me giggle…


Outside the Belagios….


Outside the Caesar Palace…

we went in of course and we even had lunch in one of the burger joints…A little overpriced, but expected from such a high rolling environment…

The only casino I really wanted to see…appealed to my inner child …


The Venetian…the casino that impressed me the most…it was magical.


A small optical illusion….


Venice…indoors…This is the only Venice I have seen so far


A little opera to sooth the mind…


That night we decided to go gambling a little. We went back to the Caesar Palace. I had decided not to play more than $20…after I lost $8 at the slot machine, I gave up. Heather was on a lucky streak…she won $40 and only played $5! Good return. Steph tried his hand at Black Jack but it was too complicated and the start bet was too high to really get anywhere with it…We got bored quite quickly of all that and went back for an early night… Our next journey was going to take 9 hours!!!

Next Chapter: Yosemite National Park

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