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Costa Rica or not Costa Rica?

The more I think about it, the more I want to go but now I am not sure when would be the best time for me? Should I go in Feb or Nov next year? I have just received the Footprint Guidebook from Amazon and I think I will ponder on that, maybe check for when the weather is best but it’s the Caribbean so Feb or Nov should both be ok right?

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Finding my next holiday

Today I have had a fairly dull day at work. It’s Friday, it was sunny out there but cold and dead in the office and I had no back log work to clear…so I started to think of where I wanted to go on holiday next.

I am very tempted by Costa Rica…it seems to be the new destination of choice as I mentioned it to a friend of mine and she said she had been talking about this destination with her boyfriend.

My thing is that I want to go somewhere exotic where I can mix physical activities with a bit farniente and be part of a group even though I am travelling by myself. I know it would be probably cheaper for me to organise my own trip and pick and choose on site what to do but I can’t be ask to deal with the stress of picking out things to do. If I was travelling with a friend then it would be different but unfortunately – here is that word again – I don’t have any travel buddies. My last holiday as you will know if you have followed my ramblings, was in the US through a company called Trekamerica and I really, really enjoyed it (I think I might even have enjoyed it more if I had planned it better on my side). They are very good at making independent travellers tours. Some of the guys in my tour were travelling together but most were on their own and you just get paired for the hotel which makes it cheaper as you don’t have to pay a single supplement.

They do a Costa Rican holiday – actually they do 2: the reefs and jungle tour and the Surf and Volcanoes one. Both look amazing and would take about 10 days, which is I think the max I would be able to take in one go with work. Now the thing is I am wondering, should I then think about this one for next say September/Oct/Nov or squeeze it in for Feb/Mar as I will have carried forward 4 days from this year holiday count which I will need to take before the end of March.

I know that I need to keep some time for Xmas as the company shuts down at Xmas and also some time to catch with my girlfriends as we are planning a reunion in Brittany.

I have also decided that as I will turn 40 in 2014 (I know brrr..!!!) I want to treat myself to an awesome holiday and start saving for it and maybe get people to sponsor some of it (instead of buying me silly presents) and as I have always wanted to go to Hawaii, I think it would be perfect. I have always said that Hawaii was were I wanted my honeymoon…but I don’t think I’ll ever get one so why wait?

The issue I am having is finding the appropriate resources for that one. I don’t want to be stuck in one place, but Hawaii is not particularly a destination for adventurers…lots of couples and honeymooners and I worry that it might be annoying.

I want to learn how to surf, so maybe I should choose the Surf and Volcanoes trip to Costa Rica for next year, as there is some surfing lesson possible there, so I would be ready for Hawaii?

There are so many places in the world I still want to see and it is annoying to have to do it alone…and then again, what if I buy a flat next year? Will have I have enough money left to do a cool holiday per year?

Arrgh…so many questions, so many choices…

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