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USA Tour: Day 3 – Lake Havasu (22/06/12)

Another day, another early departure and the chaffing of the van seat really didn’t help…I know, my fault.

So we set out for a looonnng drive to Lake Havasu, AZ.

Lunch at Chipotle, somewhere on the way…Massive burritos there!


Unforgiving Arizona landscape….we drove really close to the Mexican border and it felt real hot!


After a long drive in desertic landscapes, it was nice to take a dive in the lake…actually a crook in the Colorado River. The water was cool and the beer got hot quickly :(…


There isn’t much in Lake Havasu but they have a reproduction of London Bridge…for some obscure reason!


Nice sunset though…although you don’t get to see much of me…


All we did in there was go have dinner…

I think there is a whole chicken in my salad….they really don’t do half portions!


After dinner, we strolled back leisurely and went straight to bed…my sunburns were starting to feel about bearable!

Next chapter: The Grand Canyon via Route 66

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