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Casa de Bacardi – Sitges, Spain

A couple weeks ago, I got treated to a short trip to Sitges, a small town (25,000 inhabitants) near Barcelona. The trip was organised by a hotel who invited a few potential clients (events organisers) to come check out their property and the area.

I can tell you that after the past few months of hospital appointments and feeling tired, this was very well received on my part.

The trip was short – got there late afternoon on the Friday and left Sunday evening, but it was packed with all the things that I needed. Namely: sun, good food, good wine and relaxation… We were a small group of London professionals and the sales pitch was only kept to a minimum…

Here are some of the views of the hotel and the town…if you wonder why the post is called Casa de Bacardi and why there are so many pictures of the famous rum, it’s because the founder of Casa de Bacardi was born and raised in Sitges and emigrated to Cuba when he was 15 (there, a little bit of culture there too).

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